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10 Best Live Streaming Apps And Platforms In 2022

You can also have pre-recorded content play automatically before and after a live event. In both cases, end-users are more likely to stick around to a live streaming app see what other programming you provide. With monetization, MAZ offers paywall subscriptions, analytics, Google Ad Manager integration, and more.

Facebook is a good app to go live on if you already have an audience on the social platform. With the Live Producer, you can stream directly from Facebook on desktop. It’s free to live stream on Facebook, and you can go live on a personal profile, page or in a group. Facebook also offers donation and monetization options for content creators.

Streamyard Features

As of 2019, 55% of businesses are employing live video for company-wide or division-wide broadcasts. Users can, however, listen to music without having to download it, as the name implies. This is one of the most widely used types of streaming media, in which you can watch videos in real-time. That .edu email is your ticket to exclusive savings on laptops, streaming services, software, and more. If you can download the TVision app directly on your TV , but it’s not on Roku. The Hub is an HDMI streaming stick, similar to our favorite TV streaming devices.

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Users of this mobile app can watch live streaming of all women’s football matches. This app, as the name implies, provides real-time news, scores, and La Liga updates. It runs well on iOS and Android devices and gives you quick access to the premium season of matches. You may get real-time updates on matches and your favorite team’s performance in various sporting events.

Live Streaming Apps

For that reason, LiveMe is a great app if you’re interested in reaching a young international audience. Users with at least 1,000 followers and who are 16 or older can share content in real time with TikTok Live. Allows for easy streaming of live content right on an individual or business Facebook page. In-app purchases are available for viewers who want to support their favorite creators.

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Generally, a live streaming app lets viewers find and follow content creators or channels and has live comments on streams, which other viewers and the person broadcasting can see. Vimeo is another live stream application that can also be referred to as a competitor of YouTube. The platform is well-known for providing high-definition videos. The best thing about the video streaming app is that it supports 4K and ultra HD even when you are offline.

What Exactly Is A Live Streaming App?

While fuboTV offers a decent selection of live television channels, the real selling point of the service is sports. Most other services offer some sports channels, but fuboTV has some, like GOL TV, that you can’t find elsewhere. If you’ve never done a live-stream from mobile, there’s no need to worry as it is an extremely easy process. It only takes three steps to start a live stream on a smartphone. Since there is an extensive range of options to choose from, you’ll be able to watch different types of events as per requirements.

UStream will give you access to hundreds of live stream events from different categories. Based on your interests, you can explore the live feed section to find the right live streaming content. In addition to this, you can also start your broadcast with one tap using UStream. Is an Asian streaming app that supports global live streaming.

  • “Live streams now offer excellent buffering and video starts time metrics than on-demand video,” according to the report.
  • You can find out where news is breaking, meet people and/or share interests, and visit a new place in real-time.
  • Larix Broadcaster is a mobile app for live streaming, with both RTMP and RTSP publishing.
  • As streaming software options go, it’s the most limited in terms of access since it only works on one OS.
  • In fact, the video streaming market is exploding, with experts predicting that it’ll be worth a staggering $843 billion by 2027.
  • This video streaming app gives you the chance to make your dream come true.
  • So whether you’re looking to play music, live vlog, tell stories, or more, YouNow can be the platform for you.

The complexity and features of live-streaming apps differ from one platform to the next. So, at this point, you must be familiar with the procedures required to create a live streaming application. So let’s examine the fundamental and advanced features that are essential to your program. By this time, you must have amassed a variety of concepts for your live video streaming smartphone app. Now, be sure to test the app by developing an MVP before you start working on its development.

StreamYard makes going live easy and can deliver your stream to a range of different platforms. Hi-res audio and the ability to add background music – plus you can record your audio and video files separately. The option to live stream to both your channels and your guests’ channels with Restream Pairs. The encoding software compresses your video and audio into a file type that can be shared across the internet.

Add a chat overlay to your stream so you can see what people are talking about in one window. It may be missing customer support, but you do get a lot of other features with OBS Studio. Customize and brand your stream with your own colors, logo, overlays, backgrounds, and you can even use your green screen for extra effects. Bring in up to 10 guests on your stream for interviews or interactions, each with their own audio recording, plus a private chat just between you and them. Use the software in your Chrome, Edge, Opera, or Firefox web browser to stream in up to 1080p quality. It makes you a more trustful company and gives you a better rep because you aren’t forcing people to pick what you want.

Ecamm Live Features

What’s new, you can even stream the pre-recorded video as a live stream to numerous social networks. It is available in multiple languages including English, Hindi, Thai, and many other languages. GoStream is a light-weight live streaming app for Android that’ll help you live-stream your videos on two most popular video platforms, i.e, Facebook, and YouTube.

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It replaced Adobe Flash Player to become the best video player for all devices and all browsers. So no matter what your viewers are using to watch your live streams, they’ll be able to access it. Live streaming is so popular right now that there are countless apps to choose from that stream live video.

Multiple Things To Help You Get Your First Livestream Up Or Improve Your Existing Show

The Live Stories feature launched in late 2016 and became the talk of the town in the very least time. The Live streaming feature functions within Instagram enabling to broadcast live videos for followers or others through this social media network. To do this, the video player detects any fluctuations in internet connections and processing capacity, then automatically upgrades or downgrades the stream’s bitrate. The user just sees a smooth, great-looking live streaming video. The best live streaming apps offer adaptive bitrate streaming. Nowadays, live videos are viral among content creators and their audiences.

Get the best video quality and speed when watching any type of content, including live streaming. Along the way, it offers live production graphics, transitions, and logos to match any brand. So, let’s start the list with the top 6 mobile streaming apps for iOS users.

Today’s digital world’s newest and most helpful trend is mobile live streaming video. The big gun companies across the globe are today investing in mobile live-streaming apps. OTT live streaming combines the best of both worlds for your VOD platform. Read our guide to monetizing your live videos through branded apps. What’s important is choosing the right live streaming software to make sure you can reach the people you want on the streaming platforms they use.

Hulu offers movies, shows, Hulu Originals, live news, sports, and much more. Choose a plan that works best for you – Hulu, Hulu , or Hulu + Live TV. Blackouts, regional restrictions, and additional terms may apply for Live TV content. Enable comments on the screen to engage with your audience in real-time. All the comments viewers leave during the stream appear in both your and your guest’s mobile studios after you go live.


This application list lives streaming videos based on the number of spectators for the particular video. Most of the popular film artists will release their movie trailers, songs on YouTube to increase their popularity. Of on-demand streaming services available now, you can watch nearly anything whenever you want. But sometimes it’s nice to scroll through a TV guide and dive into a 6-hour marathon of Property Brothers or Real Housewives.

Like we suggest when picking an OTT video platform, you need to find a tool that can scale with the ambitions you have for your business. Drag and drop media like images, GIFs, and logos onto your stream and add overlays and custom transitions for full customization. Add guests to your stream using video conferencing tools like Skype or Zoom.

Okay, i like this app, its got alot of potential, bit there are some key issues holding it back. The filter is very limited and dosnt work effectively, sense people can change locations. And 2nd is the text translation, it cost money when it should be free, its one of those thing that would just allow the community to interact more easily and grow more.

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